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Tales of Royal India NITIN VYAS

Indian National Theater of USA (INT) has been in the fore-front in bringing Bollywood & Stage Actors, Professional Singers & Performers to the United States.

At the helm of the Corporation is Mr. Nitin Vyas. Son of Mumbai & Ahmedabads Famous Radio Singer ~ Sulochna Vyas, he has over 35 years of experience in promoting various forms of Entertainment. He has learned classical music since the age of five and has performed in many organizations in India. During his college years, he acted in various plays and represented Vanijya MahaVidhya College as a leading Cricket Captain, and winning many awards.

Throughout the 80’s - 90’s - and 2000’s, Mr. Vyas has arranged and organized hundreds of shows in all realms of the Entertainment Industry: Hindi & Gujarati Plays, Bollywood Actor - Musician Stage Shows, Garba-Rass Events, and many more functions.

Just in 2010, they promoted Paresh Rawal’s “Kishan Versus Kanaiya” and “Kauna Deeda Ane Kauna Rahi Gaya”.  Recently, they have organized many Navratri Functions in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia, with Vinay Kumar of Kilol.