New Generation Bollywood Entertainment, Inc.

One Blue Hill Plaza

11th Floor  |  PO Box 1669

Pearl River, New York 10965

T: 732 - 470 - 5598

T: 908 - 463 - 0404

T: 732 - 213 - 4333

About SDS

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With over 20 years of dancing experience, Sonalee Vyas-Jani has one of the most respected Professional Dance Training School in the Tri-State Area.  Dedication to the cultural influence of Bollywood movies, SDS has become a school with opportunities!  Many of “SDS-ers” have gone professionally with SVDC, and to Bollywood!

Her energetic personality and consistency for perfection, is also shown with her Professional Instructors.  Each has extensive training in Bollywood Dance - some with Bachelors in Dancing!

SDS does not hire just any Instructors, and we do not hire students as Instructors. We take dance training to a Professional level - not matched by any other dance school.

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