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Our Students Perform Annually At. . .

Why is SDS different?

SDS offers a variety of Bollywood Dances: Fusion, Funk, Contemporary, etc.

SDS provides Stage opportunities for their dancers.

SDS works with the students and makes them into Professional SVDC Dancers!

SDS has an established reputation within the Bollywood Entertainment Industry!

We do not charge “Registration Fees” like other schools do. We care about teaching!

We provide Classes for:

 Technique & Choreography classes focus on teaching the underlying foundation of a dance style. They break down the movements and utilize drills to instill these movements in your muscle memory.

Some, but not all, Technique & Choreography classes combine these movements to create choreography pieces. Dance styles such as Hip Hop and Bollywood are very choreography-focused by nature, and thus, you're constantly applying the technique you learn into various choreographed routines.

Many students are not just interested in learning how to dance. Dancing as a form of exercise is an increasingly popular choice among many fitness-seekers, who find gym routines and cardio machines to be too monotonous, and oftentimes, ineffective.

While all dance classes naturally provide some exercise, we specifically offer pure Dance Fitness classes, whose sole focus is to work you out. From losing weight and building stamina to enhancing flexibility and boosting cardio strength, dance fitness classes offer a wide array of health benefits... and you still get to learn to dance!

Performance classes allow enrolled students to perform on stage at our Annual shows.

The shows, also known as Recitals, are big productions held at a professional venue, typically with over 100 performers, more than 15 choreography pieces.  The performers are mostly students, along with our instructors and our in-house resident dance companies.

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